About Us

Who are we?

We at Paisa Indian (A part of Kartikey Enterprises), are a Team Of 2 Technical Co-founders. Paisa Indian helps its customers to get financial guidance from us with no major techno-legal hiccups. Our innovative technology powered financing solutions help multiple needs of our customers ranging from debt consolidation to educational needs to emergencies. We want to make sure that all customers get fast, reliable, and affordable loan options for all their life needs.

What do we do?

We are experts with extensive experience in financial services and technology. We bring together practicing knowledge of finance with technology to create a unique product that caters to a pressing requirement in India - access to fast, reliable, and affordable credit.

Why should you choose us?

At Paisa Indian, we provide financial guidance regarding instant and affordable loans, a quick and easy online application process, short disbursement time, highly trained customer representatives to help our customers at every stage of their online application.

We provide financial guidance to any Indian citizen who has attained the minimum age of 18 Years and the amount starts from a minimum of ₹ 10 Thousand to a maximum of ₹ 60 Lakh at the yearly interest of 7.00% only. The loan tenure is for 1 year to 20 years and must be payable on equal installment (EMI) including the interest amount. We also, provide a quick and easy online application process, Short disbursal times, and etc.